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Saturday, 01 April 2017 13:01

U-23 Euro-2017: on the fifth day was gained 3 gold and 1 bronze medal / VIDEO

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U-23 European championships being held in Szombathely, Hungary is going on.

On the fifth day competed Greco-roman wrestlers in 59, 71, 80 and 98 kg weighting categories. Our wrestlers completed day gaining 3 gold and 1 bronze medal.

Our representative in 59 kg Murad Mammadov beating rivals from Lithuania and Turkey reached the final. In the final rival of our wrestler was Russian athlete. Not to give any chance to his opponent Murad Mammadov gained gold medal of the Euro.

Competing in 71 kg Islambek Dadov joined the competition from round of 32. Beating in a row rivals from Bulgaria, Moldova, Italia and Hungary with high superiority he progressed to the final. Gaining win in the decisive bout over Georgian sportsman with high superiority as well our wrestler gained gold medal of the competitions.

Defending the sport honour of our country in 80 kg Eltun Vazirzade eliminated rivals from Slovakia and Germany. Loosing in the semifinal to Georgian representative our wrestler got a right to bronze medal match. Win over Belarus representative in the decisive bout brought our sportsman bronze medal.

Our representative in 98 kg Orkhan Nuriyev gaining wins in a row over rivals from Lithuania, Russia and Turkey progressed to the final. The rival of our wrestler in the final was sportsman from Finland. Prevailing over this rival as well Orkan Nuriyev won gold medal of the European championships.

59 kg 

FINAL - Murad Mammadov- Jambolat Lokyaev (RUS) 4:1
1/2 final - Murad Mammadov - Abdurrahman Altan (TUR) 9:1
1/4 final - Murad Mammədov - Justas Petravicus (LTU) 8:0 (41 sec.)

71 kg 
FINAL- Ramaz Zoidze (GEO) - Islambek Dadov 2:10
1/2 final - Islambek Dadov - Robert Attila Fritsch (HUN) 8:0 (31 sec.)
1/4 final - Riccardo Vito Abbrescia (ITA) - Islambek Dadov 3:8
Round of 16 - Valeriu Toderean (MDA) -Islambek Dadov 0:11
Round of 32
- Krasimir Plamenov Krumov (BUL) - Islambek Dadov 0:11 (81 sec.)

80 kg 
Bronze medal match -Yahor Kasiankou (BLR) - Eltun Vazirzade 2:4
1/2 final - Gela Bolkvadze (GEO) - Eltun Vazirzade 5:1
1/4 final - Eltun Vazirzade - Hannes Vagner (GER) 3:2
Round of 16
- Norbert Sipka (SVK) - Eltun Vazirzade 4:11

98 kg 
FINAL- Matti Elias Kuosmanen (FIN) - Orkhan Nuriyev 1:3
1/2 final - Orkhan Nuriyev - Fatih Bashkoy (TUR) 5:4
1/4 final - Alexandr Golovin (RUS) - Orkhan Nuriyev 2:7
Round of 16
- Romas Fridrikas (LTU) - Orkhan Nuriyev 1:3

You can watch bouts live by clicking the following link.

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