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Saturday, 12 March 2016 05:06

EURO-2016: Kamran Mammadov gained bronze medal / PHOTO-VIDEO

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Seniors’ wrestling European championships is going on in the capital of Latvia Riga.

Competitions on freestyle and female wrestling have come to the end. Members of our national teams gained 2 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals. Mariya Stadnik and Natalya Sinishin gained gold, Alexandr Gostiyev and Djabrayil Hasanov silver and Yuliya Ratkevich and Hadji Aliyev got bronze medals.

Today joined the competitions Greco-roman wrestlers in 59, 66, 98 and 130 kg. Our wrestlers completed the day gaining 1 bronze medal.

Competing in 66 kg Kamran Mammadov in the first bout defeating Carl Anders Poul Ekstroem from Denmark in the second meeting passing in tense fight lost to Serbian representative Davor Stefanek. With the reaching the rival the final our wrestler got a chance on repechage bout. Beating Hungarian athlete Kristian Jager Kamran got a right to fight for bronze medal. In decisive bout against Lithuanian Edgaras Vendjkaytis passing in tense struggle our sportsman gained a win and became bronze medalist of the European championship.

Our representative in 98 kg Orkhan Nuriyev in the first bout gained confident win over local wrestler Alexandrs Safonovs. Following this Orkhan defeating German athlete Peter Oehler progressed to the semifinal. In the bout with Russian Nikita Melnikov passing in tense fight our sportsman was lost and took a mat for bronze medal bout. Loosing also to Belarus athlete Alexandr Hrabovik Orkhan completed competitions on the 5th place.

59 kg 
Round of 32 - Taleh Mammadov- Virgil Munteanu (ROU) 6:2
Round of 16 -Taleh Mammadov- Soslan Daurov (BLR) 5:0 (touch)
1/4 final - Dmitro Tsimbalyuk (UKR) - Taleh Mammadov 2*:2

66 kg 
Round of 16 - Kamran Mammadov- Carl Anders Poul Ekstroem (DEN) 8:0
1/4 final - Kamran Mammadov - Davor Stefanek (SRB) 0:9
Repechage bout - Krishtian Jager (HUN) -Kamran Mammadov 1:3
Bronze medal bout -Kamran Mammadov- Edgaras Venckaitis (LTU) 5:2

98 kg
Round of 16 - Alexandrs Safonovs (LAT) -Orkhan Nuriyev 0:7
1/4 final - Peter Oehler (GER) -Orkhan Nuriyev 2:3
1/2 final - Orkhan Nuriyev - Nikita Melnikov (RUS) 1:4
Bronze medal bout - Alexandr Hrabovik (BLR) - Orkhan Nuriyev 6:0

130 kg
Round of 32 - Olexandr Chernetskiy (UKR) - Sabah Shariati 4:0
Repechage bout -Sabah Shariati- Lukasz Banak (POL) 9:0
Repechage bout - Sabah Shariati - Eduard Popp (GER) 1:3

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