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Wednesday, 09 March 2016 05:55

EURO-2016: Yuliya Ratkevich gained bronze medal / PHOTO-VIDEO

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Seniors’ wrestling European championship is going on in the capital of Latvia Riga.

Members of our national teams completed first day of the competition gaining 1 gold and 1 silver medal. Mariya Stadnik got gold, Alexandr Gostiyev became runner up.

In the second day of the competition 4 more of our wrestlers took a mat. Our wrestlers completed day with 1 bronze medal.

Our representative in 60 kg in female wrestling Yuliya Ratkevich in the first bout defeated Canan Manolova from Bulgaria. The semifinal bout with Ukrainian Oxana Herhel passing in tense fight ended in a draw but due to quality of points rival gained a win. In bronze medal bout Yuliya Ratkevich faced with Norvegian Sharlotta Skauen. Not to give any chances to the rival Yulia gained clear victory and completed competition with bronze medal.

Agahuseyn Mustafayev competiong in 65 kg in freestyle wrestling competitions started from round of 32. Our wrestler gained clean victories over Slovakian Micola Bolotnyuk and Almar Andrusen from Estonia. Beating in ¼ final representative of France Yuriy Syaemakin Agahuseyn faced in the semifinal with the reigning world champion Frank Chamizo. This bout ended to the favour of Italian wrestler. In bronze medal bout Agahuseyn loosing to Ukrainian Semyon Radulov completed championship on the 5th place.

Due to injury our Olympic champion Sharif Sharifov performing in 97 kg weighting category stayed out of the competition.

53 kg
Round of 16 - Anjela Dorogan - Nina Hemmer (GER) 2:5 

60 kg
1/4 final - Djanan Manolova (BUL) -Yuliya Ratkevich 2:8
1/2 final - Oxana Herhel (UKR) - Yuliya Ratkevich 2*:2
Bronze medal bout- Sharlotta Skauen (NOR) - Yuliya Ratkevich 0:8 (touch)

65 kg
Round of 32 - Mikola Bolotnyuk (SVK) -Agahuseyn Mustafayev 0:10
Round of 16 -Agahuseyn Mustafayev- Almar Andruse (EST) 10:0
1/4 final -Agahuseyn Mustafayev- Yuriy Syemakin (FRA) 6:3
1/2 final - Frank Chamizo (ITA) - Agahuseyn Mustafayev 11:1
Bronze medal bout – Semyon Radulov (UKR) - Agahuseyn Mustafayev 5:0

97 kg
Round of 16 - Sharif Sharifov - Ivan Yankouski BLR) (due to injury our wrestler couldn’t take a bout).

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