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Saturday, 05 April 2014 21:10

EC-2014 fifth day: Hasan won a silver medal, Kamran won a bronze / PHOTO-VIDEO

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The Senior Wrestling European Championship continues in Vantaa, Finland.

Greco-Roman wrestlers competed in 59, 66, 98 and 130 kg weight classes on the fifth day of the championship. Our wrestlers won 1 silver and 1 bronze.

Our representative in 59 kg category Kamran Mammadov won against Mikhail Novak (Czech Republic) in the 1/8 final with the score 5:0. However, Kamran then lost to Moldova’s Victor Ciobanu in the 1/4 final with the score 2:3 after a very intense bout. As Victor reached the final round, Kamran received second chance to join the repechages. On the way to win a bronze medal, he first won against Germany’s Deniz Menekshe and competed against Turkey’s Rahman Biliji in the decisive match. The intense match finished with the score 9:8 in Kamran Mammadov’s favor and he became the owner of a bronze medal.

Hasan Aliyev (66 kg) joined the competition from 1/16 final where he won against Norway’s Marius Tomessen with the score 8:0. He then competed against Germany’s Frank Steabler in the 1/8 final and won with the score 9:0. In 1/4 final he defeated the Greek wrestler Vladimiros Matias with the score 8:1 and reached semifinal, where he won against Poland’s David Karechinsky (6:0). He fought the decisive final match against the Russian sportsman Adam Kurak. However, the intense bout was not very successful for our wrestler and Hasan Aliyev became the silver medalist of the championship.

In 98 kg weight class Shalva Gadabadzeh started the competition from 1/16 final. But unfortunately he lost to Alexander Hrabovik (Belarus) with the score 0:2 and was eliminated from the tournament.

Our representative in 130 kg category Sabah Shariati competed against Estonia’s HeikiNabi and won with the score 4:3. However, he then lost to Sweden’s Johan Magnus in the 1/4 final.

59 kg
1/8 final – Mikhail Novak (CZE) – Kamran Mammadov 0-5
1/4 final – Kamran Mammadov – Victor Ciobanu (MDA) 2-3
Repechage match – Deniz Menekshe (GER) – Kamran Mammadov 2-5
Bronze medal match – Rahman Biliji (TUR) – Kamran Mammadov 8-9

66 kg
1/16 final – Hasan Aliyev– Marius Tommesen (NOR) 8-0
1/8 final – Frank Steabler (GER) – Hasan Aliyev 0-9
1/4 final – Vladimiros Matias (GRE) –Hasan Aliyev 1-8
1/2 final – David Karechinsky (POL) – Hasan Aliyev 0-6
FINAL – Hasan Aliyev – Adam Kurak (RUS) 2-2*

98 kg
1/16 final – Shalva Gadabadzeh – Hrabovik Alexander (BLR) 0-2

130 kg
1/8 final – Sabah Shariati– Heiki Nabi (EST) 4-3
1/4 final – Johan Magnus Euren (SWE) – Sabah Shariati 3-0

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